An open, secure, and lightweight platform for your files and data.


Lightweight and Fast
Freehold can run efficiently on everything from a Raspberry Pi to a multi-core VPS.
Keep your files in Sync
Use Freehold-Sync to synchronize your desktop files with your freehold instance to make your own open, and secure Dropbox / Google Drive alternative.
Easily Manage your Files and Data
Freehold comes with a set of core applications which include functionality for managing your files, your application data, and the freehold instance itself.
Applications are built on web technologies and can be installed from anywhere. Freehold's simple REST API can be used from any language or platform, and a Go client library already exists for integrating with Go applications.

Check out a demo

Freehold is a free and open source project released under the MIT license.
License and attribution info can be found here.

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